• twelve
    an installation made out of 12 suspended lightbulbs with solar-noise-circuits, a computer algorithm created polyrhythmical sounds by turning on and off the lights
  • clockwork
    audiovisual generative installation for 4 speakers and projector, at the cultfestival in utrecht
  • zoodio
    installation made out of obsolete cassetteplayers automatically recording and playing room sounds using tape loops
  • lemuriformes
    improvisation quartet with synthesizers circuitry live programming and ink
  • vanillariot
    live interactive visuals for noise improv group vanilla riot
  • nagg
    live sound-responsive visuals for music trio nagg
  • veldwerk
    video artist for theater group susies haarlok with songs and videos based on interviews
  • kiestoon
    interactive installation made out of obsolete piano and computerparts displayed at the nicolaichurch
  • void
    an improvisation dance piece, for which i programmed the interactive video system
  • anthemes 2
    reproduction of anthemes 2 by pierre boulez | programming all sound effects, score following and spatialization for our internship
  • naturomori
    solar powered sound installation for the duizel festival in rotterdam